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How 2 Grandma's Beat The Odds: A Case Study

Meet Charlotte and Yonna. Both grandmothers and life long friends. Yonna is actually my grandmother! And when she confided in me she was having financial difficulties I immediately got her, and her best friend Charlotte involved with direct sales. I showed them how, by strategic postings on classified sites , sch as Craigslist, they could generate instant commission to their bank accounts in no time. 

I’m so proud of “Nana” and Charlotte, so much its hard for me to put into words. Not only can they now pay their debts, on time, they even both got new cars this year! Listen, if two loving grandma’s can do this… anyone can! They are truly my inspiration!

Charlotte & Yonna

Case study Of 2 Nanas


Western Union Payment (rare but not all payments have to be online)

Mostly these funds came from advertising on paid sections within Craigslist. You will get the insider info on how to do this!

The notices above are what you will normally see when you start making sales.